Dempsey from Irish word means, have a sense of pride, we are an interior design company that not only design, manufacturing furniture, and selling furniture products. But dempsey is an ideal interior design company to become a partner for anyone  who loves beauty, comfort, and harmony in the build of their remarkable life.

The chaiman of Dempsey Nusantara together with the team, are always trying to build a corporate image that can be trusted and reliable  by public  as one of the best interior company. As time goes by, we are always  develop  and  expand cooperation with individuals, companies, and banking.

Dempsey product  is a combination from various modern minimalist classic elements, commonly referred to as eclectic.Ourcreativity in combining quality, function and characteristics in every  touch of the products makes our products more valuable. And we always provide the best for the consumer to a more meaningful life.

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